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Mannequin Knowledge

An Article on Mannequin Heads

    With the developing of wig industry, mannequin head industry springs up quickly like mushrooms. As it is a new industry, few people know about it. So I'd like to introduce some knowledge about mannequin heads.

    Mannequins are used to show clothes in stores. Mannequin heads, as a part of body mannequins, are used to show or display wigs, sunglasses, hats, jewelries,etc.. For most people using it to display hair products, it is also called hair mannequin head, human hair mannequin head, display mannequin head, wig mannequin, lace wig mannequin head, even short as display head, wig head. If it has bust or shoulders,we can also call it as mannequin head bust or mannequin bust for short.

    When it comes to say materials of mannequin heads, the following three materials---Fiberglass, PVC, Styrofoam are frequently used in the market. Some other materials also can be found like resin, steel or wood. Fiberglass is the most popular one. But the process of manufacturing fiberglass mannequin head is time-consuming. Fiberglass mannequin heads are handcrafted. During the productive process, noises,dusts and harmful gases like formaldehyde are made or emitted at the same time, which do harm to the health of workers. Besides, the fiberglass heads are fragile and easy-broken during the long-time sea transportation. In recent years, fiberglass mannequin heads are gradually replaced by a new environmental and recyclable pvc material.

     The appearance of pvc mannequin heads can be regarded as a turning point of mannequin head industry. PVC, an abbreviation for Poly Vinyl Chloride, is the third-most widely produced plastic, after polyethylene and polypropylene. This material are widely used in numerous industries, because it is cheap, durable and long lasting. It can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. PVC mannequin heads are produced by machine, so the output increases. During the productive process, no pungent smell,dusts, noises and toxic gases are made or emitted. What's more, unlike fiberglass, this material has high temperature resistance and is hardly to be damaged during the long-time shipping transportation. For this reason, pvc mannequin heads are warmly welcomed in the market.

    We usually classify mannequin head into female mannequin heads and male mannequin heads by gender. It is also can be divided into realistic mannequin head and artistic mannequin head. For realistic mannequin head, just like a model with vivid makeup, sexy lips, attractive eyelashes and brows, are best for displaying wigs. Their makeup and skin colors are different according to different face features and ethnic groups. For artistic mannequin heads, they are collected as an artistic work. Usually they have different poses, makeup is unnecessary.

     If  you are a wig dealer or wholesaler who wants to import mannequin heads from China. The most time-saving way is to search on the internet. Google, BaiduAliexpress and B2B website are good places to go. Remember to put in the wright word, lots of related information will be found. Good luck! I hope it will help you by writing this article.
 Written by lisa on 13, July, 2012
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