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My viewpoint about mannequin heads
                     —from a manager of mannequin heads factory

      I have been engaged in industry of mannequin heads for nearly ten years, before this I was a worker specializing

in PVC formula research and development. Having witnessed ups and  downs of this industry, I decide to write this

article to show you what I have learned about mannequin heads.

     There were few factories manufacturing mannequin heads when I entered this industry ten years ago. Mannequin heads were mainly

made of  fiberglass at that time. When I went into a workshop, what I smelt was the pungent and strong odor emitting from fiberglass

raw material and a kind of special liquid used to wipe mannequin heads. Every here and there, The large factory was full of dusts and

noises from polishing fiberglass mannequin heads. You can't imagine how bad the environment which workers worked in. And that was the

first time I know clearly about pneumoconiosis when a worker from Sinkiang suddenly fell down onto the ground. Fortunately, he was

rescued promptly, otherwise, the consequence is unimaginable. From then on, a kind of conflict psychology on fiberglass mannequin

heads found its way in my heart. On one hand, I wanted to work here. On the other hand, I couldn't endure this working environment.

I talked with the owner on this issue. He said the situation would be changed only if they could find an environment-friendly material

to substitute fiberglass material.

      If we could find an environmental-friendly material, it will bring a revolutionary changes in this industries. In order to make some

changes, I decided to do some researches with my teamwork. First, the cost of labor on fiberglass mannequin heads is very expensive.

I remembered the wage of a common worker was about RMB 3,800, which is two times higher than the salary of a newly graduated college

student at that time.  Then, fiberglass mannequin heads are easily to be out of shape under high temperature of containers during long-time

sea transportation. Next, fiberglass mannequin heads are easily to be broken. At last, the big disadvantage of this material is not environmental-

friendly. A harmful gas - formaldehyde emits from the material, which is harmful to health of workers. During production process, dusts and

noises of polishing are also do harm to workers' health. Later, I introduced the PVC technique to this factory. At that time, there were only few

factories in Zhejiang and Canton manufacturing this products, and most of them produced small toys.  T he factory manager is a young man

and he is willing to accept new things. I made a bold try with his support. Ahead, there is a bright future, but road under was full of frustrations.

      At the very begining, we tried to use wax to make mould. Because of the hot weather, the wax could not become solid easily. The hope of

shaping the mould met great failure in the first month. In the second month, the mould finally shaped but the mould went out of form. So I made

a conclusion that wax was unsuitable for making large products for that wax is a kind of soft substance, it is easy to do out of form itself.

When you use the wax to copy the model, then make an original mould by the enlarge wax model, then electroplatea mould by the original

mould. There are so many deviation in the production of the mould and finally the products are not like the sample at all. Many factories in

Zhejiang and Canton are still adopt this way,. I am quite against you stocking from these factories for these sample are of seriously deformation.

      As one saying goes, "Man proposes, God disposes". Every thing changed when I met a visitor from Japan. Everyone knows that Japanese

are skilled at making mannequin heads. At dinner, after hearing our stories, Mr Dongson said he had managed  business of mannequin heads

before and he'd like to help us. Few days later, the assistant of Mr Dongson called me and said they could sell technology about how to make

mannequin heads from Mr Dongson's friends to our company. The technology of Japan is excellent indeed. We achieved zero-emission and

zero-waste after adopting this technology. What's more, the mannequin heads we produced are solid and durable than these from Zhejiang

and Canton. The most important is that it greatly reduces the mould production time. In south, it takes two months for the mould production,

while we can only spend around one week to produce one mould.

      Making a new mould, we began to produce hollow PVC mannequin heads.  After no problems happened during tests. We introduced PVC

products to overseas market. Unexpectedly , when PVC hollow heads were delivered to the port of the destination, they were all out of shape

under high temperature of containers. We made great loss after destroying the goods and making compensation to customers. I fell in great sorrow

again. Production of the PVC mannequin heads was in a halt. By the way, I suggest you never buying hollow PVC mannequin heads for they

are not heat resisting and durable.

      Few years later, when I was visiting a factory manufacturing training heads, a good idea suddenly struck me. I decided to use polyurethane to

fill the hollow PVC heads. I started to make tests as soon as I had gone back to our factory. Things didn't happen smoothly as what I thought. We

padded some PVC mannequin heads but some of them deformed and others twitched for our different production condition. Then the manager

found a specialist in polyurethane through one of his ever classmates. He made us a special formula and then we invited an mechanical expert

designed the machines of material feeding according to ournproduction condition.

     Finally, PVC mannequin heads showed itself in the factory. Working environment and living conditions becomes much better than before. It's not

me who invented PVC mannequin heads, but those who have devoted themselves to finding a new environment-friendly material to substitute fiberglass

mannequin heads.  Here I'd like to express my great thanks to everyone who had once given me supports!  I also want to show my gratitude to

oversea customers who support our new environment-friendly mannequin heads!



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